Lorystripes were born as elements that wanted to add something graphical to nature pics. I remember that I was editing a mountain picture when I started thinking about adding some white graphical elements that could enhance the shape of the peaks. So I created a series of stripes, simple ingredients that could be used in different pictures. These stripes wanted to highlight a special feature of a photo or they just wanted to add something different. Lorystripes is a tool that can make pictures unique.

After releasing pack 1 and pack 2 the next step was creating something more.

Lorystripes App for IOS is coming.. ..make the editing game pure fun, the adventure continues! For more info visit www.lorystripes.com Created by Laurent Rosset in collaboration with Pixite  and Ben Guerrette  Music: In the Pocket  by Ethan Goldhammer  Instagram: @Egoldhammer

Lorystripes started as simple overlays and then they became something more. People that started using them was not just their users, they were part of the stripes, the main part of them. Lorystripes for me is more like LoryStripers, I mean a community that always inspires and improves these stripes. Making an App has been one of my dreams since when I started to be an iPhoneographer but that was not the plan for LoryStripes, I couldn’t even imagine all this but it happened and it is still unbelievable.

The photo app development team at Pixite LLC, the makers of the Editor’s Choice photo effects app Tangent, in partnership with Italian architect and designer Laurent Rosset, is proud to announce the next must-have photo effects app, LoryStripes for iOS. Designed to elegantly personalize any photo, LoryStripes transforms plain images to something people instantly talk about. Moreover, LoryStripes is uniquely engaging – using LoryStripes is as enjoyable as the images that are created using the app. Video Edited by: LittleGirlMedia on Vimeo LittleGirlMedia music by Flo Maiberger .


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