picture by  Nei Cruz

picture by Nei Cruz

I’m Laurent, I'm an Architect MAA and Digital Art Director Italian-born, Danish based.

I’m a dreamer.  I believe in hard work, but not without hard fun. I believe in true love. I guess that ideas are one of the most powerful virus for people. Once you know about something, or you see something, you will have that idea in your mind forever.

I like to see problems and create solutions, I like to understand what people like and surprise them with something that goes beyond their imagination. I believe that small details make things great. I’m a perfectionist and I use to doubt about what I’m doing to reach every time a result which can make me happy. I like to have my shape of mind but I am ready to learn something new every day.        

Create your Dream, Follow it and Live it!

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Creator of Lorystripes

Architect MAA at CEBRA

Portofolio of selected works 2015

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