picture by Nei Cruz

picture by Nei Cruz


I’m Laurent, I'm an Architect MAA and Digital Art Director based in Denmark.

I’m a dreamer.  I believe in hard work, but not without hard fun. I believe in true love. I guess that ideas are one of the most powerful virus for people. Once you know about something, or you see something, you will have that idea in your mind forever.

I like to see problems and create solutions, I like to understand what people like in and surprise them with something more. I believe in small details making things great. I’m a perfectionist and I use to doubt about what I’m doing to reach every time a result which can make me happy. I like to have my shape of mind but I know that we are always learning something new every day.        

Create your Dream, Follow it and Live it!

Digital Art Director at Laurent Rosset IVS                                            

Creator of Lorystripes

Architect MAA at CEBRA

Portofolio of selected works

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