Chaz, started LIV – Swiss Watches because he was dissatisfied with the products offered in the market. He realized that the industry was missing an affordable Swiss watch brand that embodied strength, quality and fashion, one that represented people like himself, nonconformists. Chaz’s passion for watches started in 1993, when right out of school he landed a job at a small Swiss watch manufacturer. After spending many years in the watch industry, Chaz realized there was a need for a new type of watch, one that would cater to individual style and taste, instead of a status symbol. So in early 2011, Chaz set out to design watches that speak to the people who live life to the extreme, at a price point that would turn the industry on its head. He established LIV – Swiss Watches as a bold new brand for those who desire to live life to the fullest.

In the process of developing  his new brand, Chaz envisioned “The LIV Man.” He’s masculine and rugged while effortlessly fashionable, with an innate attention to detail. He’s a natural leader and trendsetter who can easily appreciate the values, and value, of a LIV – Swiss Watchestimepiece.

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Here my collaboration with LIV Watches

Time for a new adventure_ (LIV Genesis X1 Swiss Crono by LIV Watches)