TYPOLOGY: eco-farm
LOCATION: novalesa, italy
design studio iii polito 2013                                                                                                                  
TEAM: LAURENT ROSSET, leonardo ramondetti, chiara viano, tiffany priolo


The project aims to value the ancient village of novalesa, a typical small village surrounded by the alps. The combination of innovation and tradition is the key element of a new concept of this kind of environment. The eco-farm consists of three blocks, each one on a different height. The three buildings have a continuous steel cover. Underneath this unique element, there are separate houses which host different functions. The cover continues also on the sides of the buildings and develops into floor when touching the ground. In this way it creates a frame. The ruins are conserved and inside there will be new boxes in wood able to host the program and the structure. The lower building host the accommodation facilities: the reception, the conference room, the exhibition room and a little shop. The middle block is composed by apartments used by the people who run the farm, the workshop rooms and the dairy. Higher in the third part there are stables and rooms hosting tools for the garden and the meadows. The project of the farm is part of a learning path that develops in whole novalesa.